Mama B. | The Birth Experience | 08.01.2014 {Winchester, VA Photographer}

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     With the launch of my official website and brand new business I thought it would only be fitting to kick-start my blog with it’s first post being about start of a new life as well. I have been present for a lot of births but I have never been present for a home birth. I was given the privilege of being the photographer to tell the story of a very sweet family’s addition of baby boy #2.  I truly believe that moments have the ability to change our lives and shape our future. The first birth I ever witnessed I was 16 and a volunteer at my local hospital and I called my mom from the car in a state of adrenaline and endorphin “high”. It was the most incredible and beautiful thing I had seen and at the moment I knew two things: 

                1.  I was NEVER having children. (Well, of course, that changed a little later.)

                2.  I wanted to be a part of the pregnancy, birthing and newborn baby process for women. Although, I still wasn’t sure in what capacity.

                     I can honestly say that the magic and miracle of childbirth has not lost it’s ability to give me that same rush; I have cried the moment I hear the baby’s

                     first cry at EVERY. SINGLE. BIRTH. This one was no different, in fact it was a whole new level of magic and beauty. Here is their story.






Mama B. | The Birth Experience | Home & Water Birth | 08.01.2014


Mama B began her labor experience on the evening of her due date of 07.31.2014. Early labor contractions began about 5:30pm and remained inconsistent and somewhat difficult to track for about 24 hours. I kept checking in to see if there was any change because I was expecting something to happen quickly because it was baby #2. About 8pm on 08.01.2014 Mama told me I could head over even though contractions weren’t completely regular the midwife was on her way to come check her. (AFTER Mama and Daddy made a stop at Lowe’s to pick up a part for the hose to fill the pool of course) When I arrived at about 8:45pm the midwife informed us all that she was already EIGHT, yes I said 8, centimeters dilated. Although inconsistent her contractions were doing their work. This Mama was absolutely amazing and strong and made childbirth look easy. She smiled, laughed, walked, bounced, texted, laughed and then made her way to the pool to greet her baby. Less than 2 hours after my arrival her perfect baby boy made his way into the world, all TEN POUNDS of him. He is so loved.


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