FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Reno, Nevada Family Photography | The Goodness Family

February 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

There is something special for me every time someone invites me into their life to photograph their family, their special moments, their love, their babies, their whole world. There is something even more special when you get to watch children grow and families change in those moments you capture. The Goodness Family consists of three people who are very close to my heart and my family. They encompass the words "friend", "support", "unconditional love" and "family" and so many more. They are the living definition of these words and they give selflessly and endlessly to those they care about. They turn things to gold and give people a place to belong, feel welcome and feel like home. I would be lost without them and can't wait to see what is in the future for all of them. This little feisty girl is the second light of my life and she's growing like a weed, bloom Maddie, bloom!

There is no end to the fun these three have together!

This stunning lady is my sister by heart. She has seen me through my darkest and my brightest of days and I'm so lucky to have her!! 

My heart, my dearest friends, my family by choice. <3



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