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"How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as "ever-changing". I feel as though each person and photo session allows for a different creative side to really capture and showcase those individual clients. I love warm glow of light and vibrant colors. I consider myself a dreamy and artistic lifestyle photographer because I love to capture the beauty and the simplicity in the everyday moments of life. I love to pose when the situation calls for it but get excited like a little kid when the candid pure and true emotions of a moment come to life through my lens.

"If I am looking for a photographer how do I know who to choose?"

When you are on your search for a photographer my biggest piece of advice is to look at their work, my work and think about how you would feel if that was your life in those photos. You will either see something that lights you up and speaks to you and you like or you don't. Finding a person who has a creative vision that complements yours and captures the kinds of colors, moments and feelings that you are looking for is so important.

​"What kind of photos do you specialize in and do you offer any special products do you offer?"

I love being versatile and offering most types of pictures out there, but I definitely ADORE newborn photography. I am also headed in the direction of building a special package to incorporate Maternity | The Birth Experience | Newborn and I am hoping this happens soon. Please contact me for any kind of photography needs and I can discuss them with you. If for some reason I am unable to do them I can recommend someone who can. As far as products I offer high quality professional prints, canvases and albums along-side my images. I want my work to be showcased and have it's beauty stay consistent into the printing phase. 

"What is the next step if I want to book a session with you?

First, that is FANTASTIC news and I am so excited that you have chosen me to be a part of your story! Second, you will need to contact me to verify if your date is open and then pay your session deposit and we are all set and ready to go! I look forward to hearing from you soon! (In the near future there will be an online calendar so stay-tuned)


Rave Reviews

★★★★★ "Denae took birth photos for us and truly captured the birth experience. She went above and beyond as she checked in with me to see how I was feeling before and after delivery. She is so kind and caring. Denae's passion for photography, and specifically birth photography, was quite apparent. I had never heard of birth photography and was unsure at first but she made me completely comfortable and I am so thankful to have the experience documented! I couldn't believe how quickly Danae got the photos to me and even a slideshow!!! The slideshow is so makes anyone cry who sees it. It is so special to my husband and to me. I know we will cherish it forever. Through the photos, I saw moments I didn't even realize happened since parts of labor are a bit of a blur. There is nothing more incredible than the miracle of birth and it's an experience everyone will appreciate having photos from. Denae captures the experience so that the story is told in a way you will feel comfortable viewing. I can't recommend Denae enough. I am so excited to work with her again for newborn photos." Kristin H. 

★★★★★ "I wish that I could give a rate of more than five stars! Denae Serzan is one of a kind. She has an incredible and natural gift with photography. Denae is a magician of capturing happiness while having the perfect eye for shots. She was very attentive to every single thing that we asked of her and there wasn't a detail that she didn't make sure was absolutely flawless. Denae is very driven with visions of how she expects her photos to turn out and the visions that she told us of came to life the second that we began working with her. She was also incredibly quick with editing pictures and getting them to us. After traveling in a car for 12 hours on a Friday, attending my sister's wedding on a Saturday, and then waking up at 5 am the next day to take pictures for a maternity shoot, I was absolutely exhausted. But working with Denae was a complete delight and she made me totally forget about how tired I was. 

Never again will we have to search for a photographer, as she will always be who we go to!" Hannah K.


★★★★★“Denae is an exceptional photographer. She came prepared with a list of ideas and props for our engagement shoot. She was so friendly and made us feel very relaxed throughout the shoot. She told me she likes to tell stories with her pictures, which she succeeds at. I love every single one of the photos she took for us and have also asked her to do the photos for our wedding. She is very professional and has a wonderful "eye" for photography. She took time to get to know us and our story in order to make the pictures more personal. She is also great with kids. She brought glitter for an idea she wanted to try out with our daughter which was a great way to get her involved, (and not get too bored) while we were doing our photos. I would recommend her to anyone who wants great photos done with an awesome photographer!”  Morgan B.


★★★★★ "I've known Denae going on ten years, and have seen her natural, beautiful ability in ALL her creations from scrapbooking to interior design, fashion accessories, diaper cakes, and all kinds of photo/stationery projects. I love that she loves what she does! Every project, every photo, every vision she carries out seems to come with such ease. Her photography is no different, and somehow she captures more than just a pretty picture... there is emotion behind every one. Her attention to every detail in every photograph borders on compulsive.  A beautiful person with the biggest heart AND talented beyond belief!" Tiana C.


★★★★★“Denae takes amazing photos and is so gentle with babies. She took photos of our little one just days after she was born. Denae waited patiently until she got the shots she wanted. The photos turned out to be WONDERFUL and she sent them to us right away. We are really glad we met her and our baby now has an amazing set of photos we can keep forever.”  Martha C.


★★★★★“Denae did an amazing job photographing my little girl. She was very professional and was able to bring her equipment to my house. With a newborn it was perfect! She set up her studio in our living room and the photos turn out perfect. I'll definitely be using Denae again for my baby's three, six, nine month and one year pictures.” Karen L.


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